Thursday, October 11, 2007

Noodle Markets @ Hyde Park plus Chocolate workshop at Essential Ingredient and Westin Sugar hit !

The Noddle Markets features Banana Blossom , Zilver , East Ocean ,Wagamama , Cargo Bar , Serependity Ice-cream , Dutch Pancakes ( can't remember the name of it) and more.

I still remember the first time I experience Noddle Markets where they had Sailors Thai and other famous restaurants offering overall more variety but unfortunately in the past few years the variety of food has declined ( correct me if I'm wrong) since I remember more than 3 outlets serving satays.

This year I got that just on time just as the market started luckily managing to find a parking spot next to St Marys Cathedral. Had a walk around the stalls before meeting with J.

Eventually decided to start off with the rice balls $9 from Banana Blossom. It was covered minced pork and vegetables , had to dig one out for the photo.

Next was dutch pancakes which charged extra 50c for fruit and other extras unlike last year fruit was included in the price. For $9 you get a plate of dutch pancakes and choice of 2 toppings.

Wagamama offered 2 sides and 3 noodles. Sweet potato kusabi for $4 was the good value for money. The sauce ( basil and wasbi mayonnaise) complemented the potatoes quite well but lack the taste of wasabi.

Last but not least Serependity ice-cream tried the fig and vanilla and chocolate . Chocolate was better than the fig and vanilla since really couldn't taste the fig.

Quickly off to the next Good Food Month event Chocolate workshop with Thomas Schnetzler at Essential Ingredient at Crows Nest. The night composed of a explanation of how chocolate behaviours at various temperatures and tempering chocolate. There were 6 tables but 2 was doing the same thing. Thomas showed us how to make 3 types of truffles dark , mocca and earl grey. The remain table was making almond crunch.

The 2 hours flew by so quick. Everyone was waiting for the chocolates to set since some of them needed to be in the fridge. There some left to take home.

Next stop sugar hit at Westin since we were so close to city about 8kms I think. Not as value for money as the sampler plates at the other hotels but banana mousse on top of the aloe vera jelly offered something different.

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